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Van Service
Fly Fishing Yucatan
Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Diego Nuñez Jr. & Sr.

Van Service

Rio Lagartos Adventures offers Van Service from the Airports and Any Hotel in Yucatan

Rio Lagartos Adventures offers pick up and return from the airport or from any hotel in the Yucatan to make it easy and convenient to arrive here.
This service is for those who would like spend more than just the day in Rio Lagartos.

The service is perfect for groups of fishermen that will

be spending several days and then returning to the airport.
The distance from the coast or Merida make day trips from Merida, Cancun or Playa Del Carmen impractical.

We can also bring your group to visit the Mayan Ruins and other attractions

For Birders:We offer multi day birding trips on the Yucatan Peninsula and We can start your birding on
the return trip to Rio Lagartos.
There are many excellent
places to bird after a pick up in Cancun , Playa Del Carmen or Merida.
Not only will you have an easy comfortable trip to Rio Lagartos but also have some excellent birding and a chance at a wider variety of species.
Some of the birding locations are Mayan Ruins that are excellent for Birding. Ek Balam and Coba are examples of ruins we can visit on the return from Playa or Cancun.
Another excellent birding spot that also has Spider and Howler
Monkeys is Punta Laguna.The van is also used on day birding trips to birding spots near Rio Lagartos and for day trips to Ek Balam and​ Chichen Itza.