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Our Promise
Fly Fishing Yucatan
Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

Diego Nuñez Jr. & Sr.

Our Promise

I am a fortunate man. I grew up surrounded by this remarkable wilderness and it has given my Family and me the opportunity to earn our living introducing visitors to its wonders.The Yucatan has resident flock of 40,000 Flamingos that mate and nest here , over 395 species of birds have been reported and we have a bio diversity I believe second to none in Mexico.

We have remarkable selection of fauna y flora here. For nearly 25 years I have worked as a birding guide and guided Tarpon Fly Fishermen. During that time I have worked to promote conservation in the area and to help attract nature lovers ( Sport fishermen & Birders).

There have been many changes here during those years. As more visitors want to discover what we have to offer, increasing pressure has been put on the Bio reserve. Whit more visitors have come more hotels ande restaurantes and many more tour operators ( before comercial fishermen with no ecological mind it and no training) bringing tourists to see mainly flamingos . Few of the new operators understand the delicate balance of nature here or have training.

Very little have been done by the Bio reserve Management( which have very limited funds) to control and regulate new operators. High-speed trips through the estuary to the feeding grounds disturb wildlife and cause unnecessary pollution (Noise, destroy marine life from shallow waters) Slow and careful boat trips need to be the main rule. New regulations need to be enacted and enforced or we will become victims of our own success.

There are many challenges but I am optimistic that changes can be made if the political will can be found. Local people that lives in the protected area need to pressure and support their politicians to help them to find the courage to make the changes that are necessary .

Life in pink , In turquoise and emerald lagoons, nestled amongst brown and white pelicans and stranded horse shoe crabs, they sport flamboyant pink plumage, due to their diet of carotene-rich crustaceans. During long observation sessions, the flamingos performed gracefully parades of entwined necks, straith posters and jerky dances with their long skinny legs. A literal display of life in pink. Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, Yucatan , Mexico.